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“WHBC is a total different studying mode from what I had in my middle school. I could ask questions to teachers as free as I want. I could also arrange my abundant free time after class. A Level has established a solid foundation for the future. Also, I have got more than just simple knowledge but great friends in here.”

TIAN Jianyi
A-level class of 2013
Then University of Oxford (U.K)

“Despite the overall relaxing atmosphere, I have learned quite a lot throughout three years. I particularly liked physics, and mathematics. Besides academic knowledge, I also developed a logical way of reasoning, through discussion with friends and teachers. I have found the joy of learning in these three years.”

LIU Yongyi
A-level class of 2013
The University of Toronto (Canada)

“Life is never an accident,capture your moments at WHBC”.

YANG Yisai
A-level class of 2013
The University of George Washington (U.S)

“The most significant aspect of studying at WHBC was the freedom. There were few assignments, so I was able to use my free time to do other things I like. I was thus able to finish three extra courses outside class during the last three years. The teachers (including the British, American and Chinese teachers) really know their stuff. Questions are usually answered clearly comprehensively. If they aren’t sure about anything the student asks, they will definitely look it up after class and respond soon. Their responsible attitude was extremely helpful in our three years course of studying. Moreover, we were all somehow able to get along pretty well with our teachers (especially a Malaysian teacher who refuses to find a wife because he loves us too much……). Maybe that’s why our classes are always surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere.”

LIU Zhenxun
A-level class of 2013
London School of Economics and Political Science (U.K)

“I enjoy the happy study life in WHBC. We make friends with teachers, share every success and pain with the classmates in our small class, study the subjects chosen by ourselves, and create our own communities we are interested in. I believe I will benefit from the life here in all my life”.

XIE Yuan
A-level class of 2013
The University of Waterloo (Canada)